Midland's Transdiciplinary Subjects

The basis of the curriculum at Midland International is derived from the Colorado State Standards. The state standards identify the knowledge, concepts and skills that Colorado has deemed essential for all students to acquire. At Midland International, we ensure that all instruction, including our programme of inquiry, is designed around the Colorado State Standards.

It is our goal at Midland to incorporate all science and social studies into our programme of inquiry. We also incorporate reading, writing, language and math in each unit planner.

Language Arts

Language learning is a lifelong process and students must develop the skills they need to participate confidently in the wider community. While recognizing that reading, writing, speaking and listening are four separate strands, at Midland International, we seek to integrate these strands, so that our students recognize the connection between them. Above all, we aim to educate our students to become proficient and advanced language learners who have an appreciation for the richness of language, as well as a love for quality literature.


Our mathematics program encourages students to look upon mathematics as a way of thinking rather than a fixed body of knowledge. To ensure that mathematics is taught in a meaningful way, the state standards are set in contexts with which the students can identify. Inquiry based methodology is used in both our Math Lab and in regular classroom instruction.


A strong foundation of scientific skills, concepts and knowledge enable our students to learn and think critically and logically throughout their lifetimes. Through hands-on experiences, our students discover that inquiry is a necessary step in the scientific process.

Social Studies

The main purpose of social studies is to encourage our students to make informed decisions for the good of society. Our students are a part of a rapidly changing, increasingly interdependent society. In order to function successfully, our students must be provided with the opportunity to gain understanding about history, geography, civics and economics. Our social studies program is designed for students and teachers to explore, investigate and search for answers to their questions, that are crucial to the understanding of, and functioning in, today’s social world.