Information and Communication Technologies
The ever-increasing impact of ICT on teaching and learning is an important consideration in education at all levels. Through ICT, there are greater opportunities for interactive communication and exchange of information through global collaboration, authentic learning, expansion of the learning community and empowerment for all learners.

ICT in the PYP encompasses the use of a wide range of digital tools, media and learning environments for teaching, learning and assessing. ICT provides opportunities for the transformation of teaching and learning and enables students to investigate, create, communicate, collaborate, organize and be responsible for their own learning and actions. ICT allows students to make connections and reach a deeper understanding of its relevance and applicability to their everyday lives. Through the use of ICT, learners develop and apply strategies for critical and creative thinking, engage in inquiry, make connections, and apply new understandings and skills in different contexts.


In this constantly evolving digital age, ICT is progressively becoming a ubiquitous part of a learner’s life at school and beyond: for learning, working, innovating, creating, responding, problem-solving, problem-posing, socializing and playing. Students inhabit a world saturated with information, images and sound. Inevitably, students’ immersion in this world continually leads them to explore creative and innovative uses of emerging technologies beyond their basic functional applications, discovering new ways of engaging with content meaningfully, and participating fully in today’s world.


The IB learner profile is integral to teaching and learning in the PYP because it represents the qualities of effective learners and internationally minded students. The learner profile, together with the five essential elements of the programme—concepts, knowledge, skills, attitude and action—inform the integration of ICT in planning, teaching and assessing in the PYP.




Adopted: The Role of ICT in the PYP (June 2011)​