The Art of Spanish 
Early exposure to and the development of a second language help students to establish a lifelong interest and disposition to learn new languages and acquire knowledge of cultures of other countries.
Through an exploration of the Spanish language, our students learn sentence structure, pronunciation and style, which are different from their own mother tongue. This second language study ultimately leads to developing an understanding and respect for the languages and their related cultures.
The Art of Music
Music is its own universal language. Through music, people around the world are able to express themselves through singing, dancing and playing instruments. In our music program, students are encouraged to develop an appreciation for music and exercise their own creativity in its interpretation.
The Art of Physical Education
Physical Education is an integral part in providing a well-balanced education. Students need an opportunity to discover their physical limitations and social skills outside of the classroom. Our physical education is designed for our students to have fun, while learning about their physical capabilities.
The Visual Arts
The goal of art education is to provide our children with artistic experiences that allow students to become creative and expressive. Art is incorporated within the classroom and integrated into our units of inquiry.