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Websites for Academic Information

             Rosetta Stone




Sports Injuries

Kids' Football (w/ audio)



​Addiction In Colorado: Trends And Statistics

Natural Disasters Volcanoes

Family Plan

​Social Media

Fake News

S.M Shapes Our World

​Endangered Species

Bumble Bees

Endangered Species






Science Leveled Readers


​Brain Games for Kids

Extra Math



Brain Boosters: We like how these puzzles are categorized by logic, lateral thinking, reasoning, spatial, numbers, etc. These, however, are not games but Q an A puzzles.

Kids Psych Games:Put together by mental health professionals. Requires Shockwave (you can turn the sound off if you find it obnoxious) Ages 1-5 or Ages 6-9. 

Storybird: Simple tools help kids build books in minutes. Storybird’s art will inspire and surprise children as they write. Readers will encourage your child along the way.

Power my Learning: An amazing collection of fun yet educational games and activities. We like that the activities are rated. To access this site you must sign in with an e-mail but this will give you access to over 1,000 sites in various subject areas.

National Geographic for Kids: educational and fun, check out Animal Jam, a favorite with kids.

Math Playground: Great logic games, word problems, and can generate worksheets

Cool Math: They say they are the world’s most popular educational game site.

Fun Brain: They say they are the internet’s #1 educational site. Offers reading and math games.

NASA Kids Club: Choose skill level. Space and memory games. Good graphics.

PBS Games:By educational topic. Good Graphics.




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