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Midland History

Midland Elementary is one of the oldest schools in District Eleven. The school was established in 1889 to meet the growing needs of a city in the midst of an economic explosion. After passing a bond issue, the construction of a two room brick building began and in November of 1889 the first Midland School opened.

The land was donated by Anthony Bott, one of Colorado City's founders. This helped to strengthen the partnership with the business sector. In fact, the bond between the school and the businesses was so strong that Glassworks manager Collins encouraged families to keep children in school, despite the temptation from sixteen dollars to twenty dollars a month in wages for boy's work. In case of a mother with two sons, who needed the income, he let one boy work four months while the other attended Midland. Then, the two exchanged positions for the next four months, so each got an education.

The educational need of the community continued to grow, and in 1902 Midland students began classes in a new, larger building under the leadership of Principal Augusta Kneipp. Miss Kneipp seemed to run a tight ship and the school won many awards. This building was on the same property as the first building; however, the first building was eventually razed. In the 1920's, improvements were made to the school and the addition of electricity was probably made at that time.

In 1956, the Midland Annex was on what was supposed to be Pine Street, at the northwest corner of Broadway (Pine Street was never put through as originally planned, but this explains the odd placement of the school's entrance).The primary grades continued to meet in the old building, while the intermediate grades and administrative office moved to the Annex.

The Annex was expanded in 1970 and the entire school moved to the Broadway address. Since then, the 1902 building has had many functions, including that of a private home. Today it houses various offices.  It has been suggested that because Midland is no longer housed in the original building it cannot claim to be 112 years old. However, a school is not merely a building.

We partner with families to focus on the well being of every child. Our methods are designed to provide inquiry based learning that begins with wonder and questioning and allow students to take an active role in the guided learning that each achieve. Midland serves approximately 200 students with: 9 classroom teachers, a Teaching/Learning Coach, a Literacy Interventionist and a full time Library Technology Educator. Additionally, we have classes for Art, Music, PE, Spanish, English Language Learners, Band and Orchestra and numerous supporting staff members.

We plan to continue educating "our children" for 100 years to come. Come experience excellence, we have room for more students!

Information/research provided by Derry Gleason

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