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PE Expectations


Elementary school is an important time for children.  It is during this time period for students to develop healthy habits, social skills, a sense of curiosity and to have fun!  As an elementary physical education teacher, I believe that I have a unique opportunity to foster physical skill development and social skill development all while the students are having a lot of fun.  

Class Format
A typical physical education class will be conducted as follows:

Times are approximate and may vary.
Warm Up/Instant Activity (5-7 minutes) 
Class Objectives/Learning Targets (2-5 minutes)
Main Activity (25-30 minutes) Breaks as needed

Cool Down (2-3) minutes
Closure/Formative Assessment (2-3 minutes)
Total Class Time:  50 minutes
Class Activities & Units
Physical education has greatly evolved since the days of playing dodgeball every day, running laps and doing push-ups for punishment.  Students will participate in a wide variety of games and activities, competitive and non-competitive, in the gymnasium in large and small groups. The games will vary in scope and may not be traditional sports activities.  I believe that through games, students can learn physical skills that will help them to be successful in sport, fitness, and general health in their future years.  In addition, games that require teamwork, strategy, and cooperation allow students to practice social skills and decision-making.  

As you may know, Midland was the recipient of the All-Kids Bike program.  This grant made it possible for Midland to receive many bicycles.  I am very excited to continue and implement the All-Kids Bike program and educate myself about how to teach the students this program.

Fitness Testing
Students in grades 3-5 will periodically participate in fitness testing.  As of now, I plan on fitness testing 3 times throughout the year (beginning, middle, and end).  The purpose of fitness testing is to establish a baseline and work to improve as the year progresses.   Grades 3-5 will participate in the following events: Pacer Test or Mile Run (Cardiovascular Endurance), Sit and Reach (Flexibility), Shuttle Run (Speed and Agility), Curl Up Test (Muscular Endurance), and Push Up Test (Muscular Strength/Endurance) and Pull Ups (optional)

Class Expectations (Please share with your child):

  • Students will come to class wearing proper clothing and footwear.
    • Dress appropriately for the weather
    • Wear Tennis Shoes (Please have a change of shoes available if needed). No bare feet or open toe shoes for safety reasons.
  • Students will respect the teacher and other students by:
    • Using kind, positive language
    • Listening when the teacher or others are speaking
    • Setting/ cleaning up equipment at the beginning/end of the activity as necessary.
    • Using equipment in the proper way – doing your best not to break or damage equipment and using it safely and appropriately
    • Playing fairly and by the rules of the activity
  • Students will make an appropriate effort by participating in all activities, even if not their favorite
  • Students will inform the teacher if they are ill or injured (please send a written note)
    • The teacher will attempt to find an appropriate task or adaptation for the student when possible.

Grading and Assessment
It will be based on performance, participation, and standards based on Colorado Department of Education Physical Education Standards.  

Final Thoughts
I’m very excited to be a part of a great community and school.  I plan on having an exciting end of year field day full of fun and excitement. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact me by the means listed at the top of the sheet.  You can find information about me and my class schedule on the Midland Elementary Teacher Sites.  I look forward to meeting all of you!
Mark Gracy

Good Day Everyone,

I just wanted to update you all on the things going on in PE class.  All classes continue to work on expectations and behavior. As an incentive for the classes to earn a "Ride On" ticket, I will be visiting with all the PE classes to explain how the class can earn a "Ride On" ticket.


  • Walk into the gym and sit quietly (Zero Voices) on your Color Spot and prepare to listen for instructions.  Anytime you are on your color spot, Sit on your bottom, face Mr. Gracy, Zero Voices.
  • Zero Voices when Mr. Gracy is presenting instructions.  Eliminate distractions and side conversations.
  • Follow all directions of activity, correct mistakes when directed.
  • Be kind, courteous and safe with all classmates, teammates and opponents.  Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship.
  • Use appropriate words and body language to discuss any disputes. If unsettled, get the teacher involved.
  • Stop and Freeze any activity when you hear the stop signal.  Assist in any clean up. Exit the gym from your Color Spot and be ready to resume classroom activity.

It is my goal to have all the classes be a fun and enjoyable experience for all.  I need all the students to help us all to be successful.

When a class earns 5 "Good Jobs" they will earn a "Ride On!!" ticket.

Thank you all for your assistance with this.

Mr. Mark Gracy

Elementary Physical Education 
Office: 719-328-6387